Fraser Island Tours

Once on Fraser Island you'll tag along with a tour guide who knows the island and will teach you the tricks of the trade.

If you're travelling solo or with friends... this is a four-wheel-driving adventure you won't forget!

With Palace Adventures, you'll have the freedom to choose your own camp sites.

You'll love the convenience of our camp kitchen and our hot shower facilities.

Fraser Island Backpacker Tours

FRASER ISLAND is a wild touring experience that takes place completely in sand!

If you haven't experienced to Fraser Island before it's pretty easy to ask you to picture the green and gold of the Australian bush.  We hate to boast, but on Fraser Island we have:

  • Golden beaches that stretch for miles and ever-changing dunescapes;
  • Lush, green rainforests with crystal-clear streams weaving through them;
  • Waves that crash on coffee-coloured rocks along the seashore;
  • Spectacular mango-coloured sunrises over lapping water;
  • Sea birds circling in the skies above - eagerly waiting for their next catch... and an island teeming with marine and wildlife.

On its own it's pretty wild... but...

There's nothing quite like the actual experience of driving along a sandy track, surrounded by vegetation alive with bird life. Or the thrill when you successfully navigate over exposed tree roots on a sandy track or coax your four-wheel-drive vehicle through a dry patch of sand.

On a Palace Adventures tour we put you in the driver's seat for your Fraser Island 4WD adventure.

We'll provide you with the skills and tools to navigate your way through the world's largest sand island - whether you're on a self drive itinerary or one of our Tag-alongs with an experienced guide.

Experience Fraser Island the way you want to... with fun people, top quality vehicles and camping equipment and local guides, who are there to make sure you have a good time.  It's no wonder we're the east coast adventure specialists!

Why book with Palace Adventures?

  • We're a local company, with a great track record.
  • Our guides know the area and know how to give you a good time!
  • We offer flexibility and great value Fraser Island deals that meet your needs.
  • With our exclusive camp trailer you can enjoy the nights in the Australian bush with the comfort of our specially designed weather-proof camp kitchen, camp tables to keep the sand out of your food and toilet/shower facilities.
  • We can bundle up a great deal that will see you enjoy two World Heritage wonders in one - Fraser Island and Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
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Fraser Island Star Gazer Guided Tours

Tag along with a helpful tour guide who'll get you around Fraser Island with ease. Enjoy more flexible camping with the convenience of weatherproof camp kitchen and shower facilities. Book a Self Drive Guided Tour.

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Fraser Island Freedom 4WD Hire

Join your friends on the sandy adventure of a lifetime! You will have the freedom to choose your own camp sites and how you spend your days - Flexible Fraser Island Freedom 4WD Hire!

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