Fraser Island

White sand + 75-Mile Beach + lush rainforests + pristine freshwater lakes + it's the largest sand island in the world...

This all adds up to Fraser Island being one of the best 4-wheel-driving adventures you can take this side of the east coast.

Whether you're backpacking, flashpacking, taking a study break or just over for a much-need holiday in Australia, you won't want to miss our Fraser Island tours.

About Fraser Island

What's so special about Fraser Island?

The Butchulla people of Fraser Island called this golden, sand island off the Queensland Coastline, K'Gari - which means 'Paradise'... and we think they were spot on!

With 123km of pristine golden beaches alive with shorebirds and marine life; green jungle-like rainforests that grow completely in sand; crystal-clear, silent streams - with water so fresh you can drink straight from the source; large gumtree forests and open woodland where birdlife flourishes - Fraser Island is popular on east coast itineraries and a mecca for four-wheel-drivers, bush walkers and lovers of the great outdoors.

The island was recognised for its superb ecological and biological processes and given a World Heritage listing - putting it on par with other top Australian landmarks like Uluru and the Daintree Rainforest. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where rainforest grows in sand at elevations of more than 200m, it is the biggest sand island in the world and features some of the most complex dunal systems in the world.

There are few roads on the island, instead visitors make their way along inland sand tracks, which snake across the island to the golden beach.  75-Mile Beach is a gazetted highway, but the compacted sand is also used by a group of beach pilots, who offer joy flights up over the island. From the air, Fraser Island's dense vegetation looks like sticks of broccoli - broken only by the silvery waters of its freshwater lakes and golden sandblows, which burst their way through the undergrowth.

With rainforest, beach, woodland, mangroves, wallum scrub and huge, almost desert-like sand dunes... it's like having every piece of Australia in one spectacular location. There are numerous sites of historical and cultural interests - which the team at Palace Adventures are only too happy to point out.

We're EcoTourism Certified

We are a EcoTourism Certified Operator and we are proud to contribute having a responsible tourism on Fraser Island.

Learn more about the EcoTourism program.

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Top Spots for your Fraser Island Trip

Lake Allom and Knifeblade Sandblow - it's a little off the normal track, but worth the time to head inland. Lake Allom is famous for its inquisitive turtle population. There's nothing quite like standing on the platform and clapping your hands and watching hundreds of tiny heads pop up out of the water and head closer for a look. The lookout at Knifeblade Sandblow will give you the great golden sandy photos, that you'll want to send home to your friends.

Indian Head - this rocky outcrop offers amazing views of Fraser Island and is one of only three rocky areas on the sand island - it is here that they say the island first started to form, as prevailing winds drove massive sand deposits against the rock. Not only are the island views great, but you may be lucky enough to see the shorebirds and marine life going about their business. Top photo spot.

The rusting hulk of the Maheno Shipwreck is one of the most photographed spots on the island - and an area where you don't need to have the latest camera technology to take a great shot. After many years of pounding waves and corroding salt, the Maheno is slowly disappearing into the sand. If you're camping on the eastern beach, and the tides are in your favour, why not head to the Maheno for sunset - at times it glows red as the sun starts to set.

Lake Wabby is known as a barrage lake - which means it was originally a waterway, which is now being swallowed up as the sand moves across the island. You can access this beauty spot from Lake Wabby Lookout (much of the walk downhill is in shade) or via the beach, across Hammerstone Sandblow.  Take care on the dunes - don't run and dive into the water as it is shallow in spots.

Rainbow Gorge - get your maps out as this spot is... well... hard to spot. This 2km circuit takes you from the beach into cypress forest and into a sand gorge - with white, grey, rust-coloured, red and brown sands.

What ever experience you're looking for on Fraser... Palace Adventures can help you plan it.

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